Sticky chai from Zurich

Made with a combination of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise, black pepper, coriander seed, sea salt, ceylon black tea, organic honey or agave and good vibes. The result is a deliciously smooth not too spicy, not too sweet chai made with nothing but natural ingredients. Ooh Yeah!


What is Sticky chai?

Simply speaking, sticky chai is your everyday chai's pretty sweet sister. The stimulating flavour of nine spices and Ceylon tea is conserved and enhanced in liquid gold: organic agave or honey. Switch to the tasty sister now.

ch ch ch

chili chocholate chai

We have now released our awesome chili, choc, chai. Made to spice things up a little, based on our original sticky chai recipe, chili choc chai also includes organic cacao and habanero chili for a surprising kick. The result is a creamy, slightly spicy drink that warms the soul. It tastes great with any milk, and if you want it a little sweeter then just add honey or agave. 

orangutan chai

Straight from the jungle into your cup.

Chai walla teamed up with to offer orangutan sticky chai. Our orangutan chai is based on the same recipe as our sticky chai but made with cloves and Asian cardamom sourced from the villages surrounding the forests of Suaq. With every purchase of orangutan chai, 5.- are donated to support Suaq is a charity supporting conservation and research of a very important orangutan population and its habitat.

Just like our original chai, orangutan chai tastes great and is a wonderful present for those that love Orangutans, chai or just good vibes.

where to buy & enjoy chai walla

Kaufen bei

Bagel Boys

Coffee & Deeds

Kafi Freud


Milchbar am Paradeplatz

Phil's Coffee to Go, Bern

Soul City

Schipfe 16

Wilde Möhre, St. Gallen

Trinken bei

Aroleid Kollektiv, Zermatt

Barista - Specialty Coffee & Bar, St.Gallen

Bagel Boys

Bovelli Bar

Grande Cafe & Bar

Gelati Tellhof

Il Macchinista

Kafi Dihei

Kafi Freud


Kon-Tiki Bar

Lola's Daily Kitchen

Milchbar am Paradeplatz

Phil's Coffee to Go, Bern



Ruby Rambo


Schipfe 16

Schmück to go


Soul City

Stettbacher Cafe

Sydney Cafe, Lausanne

Wilde Möhre, St. Gallen

XYLO café bar

Contact us if you'd like to introduce delicious chai walla to your home town, cafe or store!

To facilitate your customers way into chai heaven, we also produce a chai concentrate based on our sticky chai. 

Making chai walla at home

Grab your favourite mug (appr. 250ml) and fill it with one third water and two thirds milk (we prefer oat milk but any other milk works great too). 

Pour the liquid into a small pot and add one heaped table spoon of sticky chai.  

Allow to simmer for a couple minutes but do not bring it to boil.  

If you like to pack more punch in your chai, let it steep for a couple more minutes.

Sieve and enjoy. 

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